Import and Export Code Registration

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All importers and exporters must have a customs code, irrespective how low the rand value of import/export is. The reason for this is that customs is now keeping a closer record of all movement of goods  flowing in and out of the country.

NB: Excludes Exporter registration under Preferential Trade Agreements

Service Turnaround Time
This process takes 2-10 working days after receiving the requested supporting documentation.

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All individuals/businesses and trusts wishing to move goods into or out of the country are required by law to be in possession of a license in order to do so.

A license number (custom code) is required to complete the bill of entry/exit in order for customs to release any cargo coming in or out. This same custom code is required by the bank to either make or receive payments for goods bought or sold.

Licenses (or custom codes) do not need to be renewed, they do not expire and are not subject to annual fees. Once you have been issued with your license it will remain active for as long as it is used.

This license enables you to import or export general, unrestricted merchandise. A few categories of merchandise have restrictions from the government and require a special permit to when importing or exporting. Examples of these categories are goods of plant or animal origin, second hand goods, tyres and tyre casing, vehicles, nutritional supplements etcetera.

MCC stands for Medical Control Council. Any medicine or nutritional supplement that is imported and/or sold in South Africa needs to be registered under the importer’s/seller’s name at the MCC. Without MCC registration customs will not allow these items into the country.

Unless your specific merchandise is a restricted by the government, there is no limit to how much you can bring in on one license.

NB: Excludes Exporter registration under Preferential Trade Agreements


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