Personal Liability Company

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A Personal Liability Company specifically suits professionals who want to register a company for his or her practice.
A Personal Liability Company also known as a ”INC” is another type of company that does not differ much from a (Pty) Ltd.
The only difference is that the directors are mutually and individually liable with the company for all company debts and liabilities incurred.
A Personal Liability Company ends with “Inc.” or “Incorporated”

Clarity for Medical Practices
See full description below

Service Turnaround Time
21-30 working days after receiving the requested supporting documentation.

Clarity for Medical Practices

The HPCSA is quite clear on the manner and vehicle through which you can run a practice. It is important that we take cognisance of these rules before embarking on the process of registering a company.
As a healthcare provider, you need to maintain direct liability for the treatment you provide. In other words, we can’t hide behind a “Corporate veil” should a patient want to sue for malpractice. An owner of a Pty (Ltd) could have an aggrieved client take legal action against the company they work for rather than them as an individual, but we as healthcare providers are not afforded this alternative.

All professionals, operating under a regulatory body such as

  • Lawyers,
  • Medical Practitioners,
  • Accountants
  • Civil Engineers
  • etc,

Should be registered as a personal liability company.


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