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is a division of MAW Inc Chartered Accountants.

Running a business is a complex affair, with little or no resources a managing director or owner of a business may feel like he/she has to climb Everest on a daily basis.

MAW Inc. primarily services businesses in the small to medium sector nurturing them from incubation to sustainable growth.

How do we achieve this? 

Through our fashioned services on offer born from our intimate understanding of the sector, mostly because we operate in it ourselves.

Our services are uncomplicated and output driven, achieving the results required to get the job done accurately, completely and with the required level of business acumen that maximizes results for our clients.

With fifteen years experience in the industry we are able to offer our clients  a quality service coupled with value for money.  Everything we do is focussed on these two principles.

Our staff are qualified at the highest level of their profession and include Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Registered Auditors, Tax specialist [Tax Practitioners] and Advocates.

We work intimately with small to medium business and have shared this fundamental philosophy with them, yielding remarkable results. Because at the core of any successful business is excellence of service and a value for money offering.

So our guarantee to you is simple

If you are dissatisfied with our service or we have not delivered within a reasonable time we will gladly refund any money spent on this website no questions asked.