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We advise you on the appropriate company to register and keep you informed all the way until the work process is complete or registered . We will also facilitate the opening of the business bank account anywhere in South Africa

Valuable information about the right company to register, consequences of deregistration, difference between CIPC Annual Return and AnnualTax Return, etc

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Owner Managed

Businesses with 1 shareholder directly involved in running the business

Multiple Shareholders

Businesses with  2 or more shareholders directly involved in running the business

Professional company

Business Professionals  such as Accountants, Lawyers and Doctors practising in a companya

Shareholder Role

Businesses with  shareholders who are not directly involved in running the business

Most Popular

Customise your requirement and SAVE

  • Private Company – Owner Managed

    R 750.00
  • Company registration full

    Private Company – Multiple Shareholders

    R 1,500.00
  • Annual Returns

    Annual Returns

    R 450.00
  • BEE Affidavit

    BEE Affidavit

    R 199.00
  • Salary Tax registration

    Salary Tax Registration (PAYE)

    R 1,500.00
  • Private Company registration customised MOI

    Private Company customised MOI – with executive and non-executive directors

    R 4,650.00
  • Importers Exporters Code

    Import and Export Code Registration

    R 2,250.00
  • Change in CC Member

    Change in CC Member/s

    R 450.00
  • Change in Director

    Change In Director/s

    R 450.00


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Avoid Penalties or De-registration of your company
 Get a Reminder to file your CIPC Annual Return

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